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Fee Calculator

Enter the expected value of your investments and cash to see Centric’s platform fee¹ and cash interest structure.

Flat monthly fee

The Centric platform fee is paid for administering your account. Unlike other platforms which typically charge this as a percentage of your assets, with the Centric IDPS you pay a flat $30.75 per month (which equals $369* per year (3)) regardless of how small or large your account is. Depending on your choice of investment, you may incur other types of fees and costs (4).

View the IDPS guide to understand which fees may apply

Interest earned on cash

The calculation for the interest earned on cash is the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cash rate of 4.35% plus 0.15% (2). The RBA cash rate is accurate as at 8 November 2023 (5).

You should consider whether the information is suitable for you and your personal circumstances. Before you make any decisions in relation to a financial product, you should obtain and read the Centric IDPS Guide. You should seek personal financial advice before acting on any material on this website.

(1) The Centric platform fee is for the Investor Directed Portfolio Service (IDPS) operated by Centric Capital. It is not designed to illustrate fees for Centric IDPS 2 (closed) or Centric Super. For fees and charges for Centric IDPS 2 or the Centric Super Fund, refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement at

We have provided the following calculator worksheet to assist in understanding the fees and interest applicable to Centric Super. Click here to download.

(2) Interest is paid on Centric Cash at the RBA cash rate +0.15% if you do not have a nominated financial adviser. Please refer to the Centric IDPS Guide for the interest margin for accounts with a nominated financial adviser or for a paired CMA. Interest earned on Centric Cash is an estimate based on the RBA cash rate stated above. The RBA cash rate may change and can go up or down over time which will increase or decrease the interest you earn.

(3) The quoted Centric platform fee is inclusive of GST, less any reduced input tax credits where relevant.

(4) Additional fees may apply. This calculator does not include all fees and costs that may apply to you, such as advice fees agreed with a nominated financial adviser, brokerage fees if you invest in listed equities and fixed income or a managed account or any applicable buy/sell spread charges. If you hold more than one Centric IDPS account, additional fees will apply.

(5) The current RBA cash rate can be located at